Monday, November 12, 2012


The end of year whoosh is upon us....

The weekend was dominated by the school fair. Given how much effort went into it all (by everyone involved) all I could find on the camera was this photo of the herbs we picked from the garden. There were several late nights brewing up cumquat marmalade (fruit picked from our little tree and our other source). It's amazing how a rather small bunch of families manage to do so much, and it is nice to be part of it all.

The rest of the weekend passed in a more relaxed fashion, with kitchen bath-time

a new rider in the family

bush walks

Summer planting starting......I promise there are tiny tomato plants in there somewhere. The zucchini is not under house arrest just protected from the chooks and blackbirds.

and the start of this years bean crop, a teepee like structure that I hope will eventually be covered in beans not sheets off the kids bed!


Joanne said...

Aww, I miss toddler bath time! So cute. I like the basket idea in the garden; anything to outwit the marauders.

Amanda and Stephen said...

The herbs look great.

I bet you felt proud of your efforts, you should be :)

Could not help but notice what looks like an elder tree in a neighbouring garden.

Come berry time you may want to talk to them about using the berries - they make awesome vinegar.

And thanks for an awesome blog too!



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