Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toe eater

Having given up on his quest to simultaneously breastfed and suck his finger, Reuben has moved on to greater challenges, like sucking his toes whenever he is nappy free.

Because it's hot and we think it's funny to watch, there is a lot of nappy free time of late.

(the kids find the occasional randomly aimed pee far more hilarious - of course)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello 2012

:: 2012 ::



thanks for the great weather so far.

School starts back tomorrow.
I may get some spare time in the coming weeks.

The holidays have been nice and long and sunny.

Here's a bit of our holidays from the zillion photos I downloaded today.

In our hair-net-hard-hat glory on the Callington Mill tour

(yes they let me carry a 12 week old baby up to the top)
(it's more like a ladder climb than stairs)
(and I forgot the ergo!)

We bought some flour and some sourdough starter.
I pulled it out 4 weeks later to make some bread, only to see it should be used in 1 week, but made bread anyway. Everyone made a loaf.

It turned out fine despite the's a shame I forgot to keep any starter for the next loaf and used the whole lot in the first loaf! I've ordered some more, you can find them here.


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